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GivingPoint. | Donor Evolution Digital Marketing
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Our digital marketing strategies and creative approach offers an unparalleled way to tell your philanthropic story, and help you connect with thousands of new donors.

Go past the benchmark, obtain new impulse gifts and donors with GivingPoint.

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For every subscription, Give N Go gifts 51%* to the sponsored organization that introduced you to Give N Go. Every resort, hotel, and cruise booked as well as subscription renewals result in additional gifts.

PushSave by PACE
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Customizable mobile coupon book.
PushSave by PACE

We have made it easy! Simply select an organization to support, select participating local merchants to create your own customized mobile coupon book and start redeeming your coupons to SAVE cash! Simply show the merchant the coupon on your phone and PUSH redeem.
Yes, it is that easy.

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Partnering with you for the confidence to get it right.

The GivingPoint Network can help your fundraising evolve, adding industry expertise every step of the way as your strategies grow and mature. We’ve built the Network with services for what you need, when you need them. A complete portfolio of solutions for every fundraising situation is waiting for you. Contact the GivingPoint Network today and together let’s raise more money.

What is the Giving Point Network?

The GivingPoint Network is a group of professional fundraising consultants and committed philanthropists with advisory services to make your fundraising better. Greater funding for the advancement of your mission is the guiding principle behind the GivingPoint Network.

The concept behind a fundraising network is simple: organizations can raise more when they have a group of committed professional fundraisers who have been responsible for successful efforts advising every step of the way. Avoid the pitfalls of staff turnover, guessing as to the best techniques, and starting each and every year over with little to no continuation or momentum from what was accomplished in previous years. Executive turnover is inevitable, but you can  have a system in place that remains intact no matter the executive(s) in charge.

We’ve only been at this 30 years or so….

With fundraising experience dating back to 1990, the consultants surrounding the Network have a solid, extensive resume of field-tested solutions that get results. Skilled across the donor and giving program continuum, Network consultants have built deep resources that allow you to confidently implement fundraising techniques that are tactical, measurable, and can be easily integrated and adapted into your development program.

The support of an old friend…

Raising money should be enjoyable, maybe even fun. Having a qualified resource at your side every step of the way can assure you that it will be. The consultants of the GivingPoint Network are your industry friends. They understand the art & science of fundraising and can help you get more out of your efforts.

We like to think of our Network resources as an old friend who understands the difficulties your face every day: ever-increasing expectations for your fundraising goals and your time. Working with the GivingPoint Network gives you the support of an old friend, someone who has your best interests at heart and can help you reach new heights effectively and efficiently.

Giving Point

Find your fit….

Find the appropriate solution among our suite of services and start raising more money to better impact the scope of your mission.

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Giving Point. Donor Evolution

Marketing to raise your cause awareness and increase donor constituency.


Sound Principles – Adapted to Modern Techniques

Processes built upon sound fundraising principles: donor-type segmentation, targeted messaging, use of effective internal/external operations, effective cultivation, and stewardship techniques. With the advent of digital lead-generation marketing, social media, email marketing, and many other digital techniques, GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION has adapted to incorporate the most modern, effective fundraising tools.

Your Capital Campaign’s First Six Months – Part 1

Decision making is a critical piece of capital campaign design. Knowing what needs to be decided during the six-month campaign design period will assist in knowing who to select for leadership roles.

April 6, 2021
Momentum | Building your Fundraising Campaign

Capital campaigns and fundraising in general can be a grind. Repetitive actions and commitment to process is required to succeed.

April 2, 2021

A long-standing capital campaign and special project client approached GivingPoint with a new challenge.

December 11, 2020